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Rescue for data-driven marketing

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In an unprecedented action since the GDPR came into force, the supervisory authorities of 14 federal states and even the federal government have taken a unanimous position: The use of Google Analytics, regardless of the constellation, requires the prior consent of website visitors.

However, if the obligation for informed, active, voluntary consent to the use and consolidation of data by Google is fulfilled, the database suffers enormously, so that meaningful web analysis is generally no longer possible.

An alternative is offered by etracker Analytics: thanks to pure data processing on behalf of, privacy by design and cookie-less tracking by default, the use of etracker Analytics does not require consent. Campaign tracking with UTM parameters, interface to Google Ads for automated SEA optimization, automated event tracking and much more make the migration smooth.

In a video from 12.12.2019, Olaf Brandt and Christian Bennefeld explain the following:

Legal situation

  • Current legal situation for tracking & retargeting
  • Interaction Consent, cookies and legitimate interest
  • Best practice for high data quality

Practical implementation

  • Use etracker without consent
  • Migrate Google Analytics without friction
  • Modernize remarketing

Watch the webinar video or view the slides from both parts of the presentation.

You can find the instructions for the designs here:

You can find more information on this topic in our whitepaper
In accordance with GDPR and Cookie Policy: web analytics without legal risk and data loss

You can view an excerpt from the supplementary data protection report on etracker here.

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