etracker Targeting Suite
Conversion optimisation by A/B testing and personalisation made easier than ever before

Onsite optimisation system

No matter which web analytics solution you use, the monitoring of KPIs and the identification of potentials for improvement is half the job. Only with a professional A/B testing system can findings be transformed into measurable success.

Name/URLConversion rateRevenueProject results
Original0,2 % 186.951,34
Version 10,5 % 480.821,68119 % Uplift

Minimal IT effort, maximum success

A lack of developer resources can often be an obstacle for the implementation of optimisation measures. The etracker targeting suite provides a solution to this dilemma as it uses visual editors, rule sets and adjustable templates for pop-ups, message bars and more.

Additionally you can simply create your own overlays and inject your own Java scripts or CSS into the page, in order to generate website variations or target content to the visitor´s preferences. This does require a certain programming know-how, however it is still much more efficient than creating a complete URL variant.

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A new, targeted approach

Target A/B tests, messages, discount offers or newsletter invitations to specific visitors, based on geo location, device type, first time visitor or long-time customer, duration of visit, scrolling depth or exit intent behaviour and much more.

The Targeting Suite consists of 4 modules

A/B testing

Easily test different variations of your website. The visual editor allows easy page editing, text or picture adjustments, rearranging elements or removing them – all possible without programming knowledge.

If you want to test more far-reaching modifications to a site, tests using JQuery and CSS as well as the use of split tests are also possible. There is also an option to create test variations, to start tests and get test results using a REST interface. This method allows for the easy integration of testing capabilities into your content management system.

Smart messaging

The smart messaging is an especially easy and effective method to address visitors on the website individually. Personalised overlays such as pop-ups, sliders or message bars can be designed with the use of adjustable rule sets and templates.
This also includes exit intent recognition, interfaces to the most common newsletter systems, video integration and much more.


Your visitors expect more personal experiences when visiting websites. This is made possible by connecting the etracker Targeting API to your CMS or shop system, in order to display relevant content based on the visitors profile or history.
The interface allows real time access to visitor data, making adjustments for example based on favourite product categories from past visits. This is all ready to be used without additional tools or expensive data warehouse solutions.

Remarketing feed

Use visitor data for targeted email marketing, in order to recover abandoned shopping carts, increase conversions and develop lasting relationships with your customers.

The key feature is the ability to use information from the website behaviour directly after the visit for the sending out rule based emails. For example, in order to send emails to customers abandoning shopping carts or repetitively searching for or viewing certain products without actually ordering them.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Visual editor allows for the easy modification of texts, colours, pictures and more
  • JQuery and CSS script injection for almost unlimited variations of content and design
  • Split URL tests for experiments with different process routes and more
  • Browse mode for tests within the check-out process or login area
  • Template editor for behaviour based exit intent pop ups, message bars, slide-ins and much more
  • Targeted tests thanks to very precise segmenting including purchase and behaviour history, geo-targeting, device type, interests and so on
  • Test auto pilot allowing for quick and significant test results and automatic delivery of the winning variant
  • Test detail reports with segmented test results as well as multiple key performance indicators, such as revenue
  • And much more

Starting at

per month *!

* The license price for the onsite edition is 19.00 €/ month with a quota of 5,000 views (accessed test and targeting variations including smart messages) on a website with up to 50,000 visitors a month and a 12 month contract period



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