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Targeting Suite
Getting Personal with Real-time Marketing and Behavioural Targeting

Overview of the Targeting Suite editions
Onsite Edition
starts at €19
per month1
Ideal for websites and shops with advanced targeting and testing requirements.
Multichannel Edition
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Ideal for websites and shops with highest requirements including e-mail marketing.
Smart Messaging
      Exit intent
      Visitor greeter
      Attention grabber
      Based on own criteria
      Targeted smart messages
      A/B testing
      Split URL tests
      Multivariate tests
Targeting API
Remarketing Feed
Number of views per month
100% privacy compliant
starts at 5,000
starts at 500,000

Conversion Optimization, Testing and Targeting – Simpler than Ever

Retention time, favorite category and customer base: thanks to web controlling, you as the website and shop operator know quite a lot about your users. So why do you treat repeat visitors like newcomers? Why do you still send out standard newsletters without considering the customer's website activities? Why does the website look the same for every visitor?

The etracker Targeting Suite provides a solution for all of these questions. Thanks to its integrated testing and targeting, Smart Messaging, targeting API and remarketing feed, you can react in real time to your visitors' behavior by personalizing your website and online marketing measures.

Highlights of the etracker Targeting Suite

Testing and Targeting for More Interaction and Conversion

Thanks to the visual editor you can avoid having to rely on programming language. IT doesn't matter whether you'd like to edit pages, modify copy or images, design elements or remove them – it's all very easy with the visual editor. If you'd like to test additional variations of a particular site, we recommend split testing using JQuery and CSS. Additionally, you can direct tests to specific audiences.

Smart Messaging – Behavioral Targeting Becomes Child's Play

Pop-ups, sliders and the like were long considered to be taboo in the online marketing scene, but are now experiencing a comeback as a useful way of personalizing websites. Generate and integrate individual smart messages to promote new products, sign up for a newsletter, and various other things in just a few minutes. Used smartly and tailored to visitor behavior, this will increase your conversion rates and the level of commitment to your website. For example, website visitors who threaten to leave the website can be served a pop-up notifying them about special discounts.

Targeting API – Turning Dynamic Websites into Reality

Use your web control data to customize your website. Our targeting API provides you with real-time data on your visitors, i.e. right from the moment at which the visitor enters your website. Have your CMS or shop system automatically generate dynamic website content depending on customer interest, by means of the transmitted data, and meet the visitor on his terms. This way, the etracker targeting API not only helps improve your user experience, it also increases the conversion rate and turnover.

Remarketing Feed – Shopping Cart Rescue & Lifecycle Management

The ability to send just the right message at just the right time is any marketer's dream. But this is no longer just a dream as e-tracker can help you rescue canceled shopping carts, increase conversion rates and customer loyalty in the long term. The trick is to use information from their behavior in the online shop right after their visit to control smart, rule-based and thus customized e-mails. This can be used, for example, when customers cancel shopping carts or repeatedly search for specific products without ordering them.

100% Compliant with Privacy Requirements and Guaranteed Data Retention in Germany

We consider it essential to ensure the security of sensitive customer data. With this in mind, we requested and successfully passed an audit by the Data Privacy Officer in Hamburg. We have also imposed strict requirements on ourselves to guide us. We guarantee 100% data retention in Germany as well as a 100% privacy compliant service.