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Tip of the week (CW 50)

Correctly interpret the medium of origin. Browsers send the address of the previously visited website from which a link to the currently requested page was followed in the so-called referer header. Based on the URL contained, the source of origin is automatically classified as type-in, link/referrer, social media or SEO when the link does not …

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Tip of the week (CW49)

Use consent freedom for a maximum data base In standard mode, the use of etracker Analytics does not require the prior consent of the user: data processing can be legally based on legitimate interest according to Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR. The TTDSG is also taken into account by the cookie-less standard mode. The …

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Tip of the Week (CW48)

Create an unlimited number of configurations per report. Settings in a report through the application of filters, additional segments or selection and sorting of key figures can be saved as separate configurations and easily recalled with a click. These configurations are also available for automated dispatch by e-mail. By default, the number of configurations that …

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Tip of the Week (CW47)

Easily track clicks on elements that consist of multiple parts. CSS selectors make it very easy to measure events on web pages without requiring developer resources and changes to the HTML code. Challenge: Sometimes clickable elements consist of several individual selectors, such as for the centre and the frame of a button. But if you …

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