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Tip of the Week: QR Codes

Tracking QR Codes The Corona crisis has spurred the use of QR codes. In the meantime, there are many possibilities for use and design. Of course, these should be tested and evaluated in the web analytics solution. With QR codes, tracking is done via “normal” campaign links with suitable parameters. Without campaign links, the calls …

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Tip of the Week: Data Loss

How to prevent Data Loss in Web Analytics Data is essential for successful, data-driven marketing. That’s why ensuring a sufficient database is currently the most important topic in digital marketing. But the data is threatened by the increased requirements for consent under the GDPR and TTDSG, ad blocking and browser protection measures. Depending on the …

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Tip of the Week: anchor URLs

Tracking anchor URLs One-pager or one-page websites are popular and have many advantages when it comes to design compared to classic multi-page websites. However, they usually pose a challenge for analysts when so-called anchor URLs are used for navigation. What are anchor or jump mark URLs? One-page websites often contain a navigation that naturally does …

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Tip of the Week: Staytime

Stay without hurry Staytime is an important engagement metric. Therefore, it is of course available as a KPI in the dashboard and can be viewed there simply by clicking differentiated by country, medium of origin and device type. In our example, visitors from Spain and via organic links take the most time. However, this is …

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