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Tip of the Week CW 02 (2022)

Taking geo-analyses with a grain of salt Under Basic Reports → Location → Geo, reports can be called up according to the dimensions country, region (federal state) and city. The location is determined on the basis of the anonymised IP address, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the dial-up node or router. Ideally, this …

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Tip of the Week CW 01 (2022)

Track campaigns with dynamic values. Important information for campaign measurement and optimisation can be transferred as static or dynamic parameter values: Static: The transferred value is fixed, e.g. etcc_cmp=brand (campaign name). Dynamic: The values are added automatically by the ad platforms using variables, e.g. etcc_bky={keyword}.  {keyword} stands for the booked keyword that triggered the display …

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Tip of the week (CW 52)

Ensure meaningful, unique page names. The attribute “page name” is read from the <title> tag by default, unless the parameter et_pagename in the etracker code is filled or the URL is configured as page name instead of the title in the account settings. Please note that if the browser automatically translates a page using the …

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Tip of the week (CW51)

Three ways to capture click interactions. There are three ways to capture interactions with individual page elements as events: 1. Automatically captured events. Selectable in the account settings, standard events such as downloads or the control of embedded video files can be captured automatically. The selectable events are extended from time to time. New auto-capture …

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Tip of the week (CW 50)

Correctly interpret the medium of origin. Browsers send the address of the previously visited website from which a link to the currently requested page was followed in the so-called referer header. Based on the URL contained, the source of origin is automatically classified as type-in, link/referrer, social media or SEO when the link does not …

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Tip of the week (CW49)

Use consent freedom for a maximum data base In standard mode, the use of etracker Analytics does not require the prior consent of the user: data processing can be legally based on legitimate interest according to Art. 6 (1) lit. f GDPR. The TTDSG is also taken into account by the cookie-less standard mode. The …

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