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Google Analytics is currently used on more than half of all websites in Germany. The free use and close integration with Google’s advertising services are not the least of the reasons for its widespread use. However, the use of Google Analytics in Germany has long been viewed very critically in terms of data protection law. …

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Why etracker Analytics can legally record all visit data and conversion data without consent Legal background The question of the legal conformity of web analysis or tracking on websites is governed by two legal provisions: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which regulates whether consent is required for tracking with regard to the processing of …

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Integrating etracker correctly in Consent Management Platforms (CMPs)

Only those who correctly integrate etracker when using consent-dialogues on websites can benefit from the data protection advantages of etracker and do not have to worry about data loss. However, correct integration is not always that easy, depending on which solution is used. In order to avoid pitfalls and ensure that cookie-less tracking is always …

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etracker BGH legal check

etracker BGH legal check

The ruling of the Federal Court of Justice has now also been published following its announcement at the end of May. Many cookie notices have been adapted in the meantime, but very few of them are legally compliant. First legal warnings have been issued and further warnings should not be long in coming. This checklist …

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