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Cookie-less etracking

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If you are considering using a content solution on your website, please note this information:

According to the legal opinion of the ePrivacyseal certification, the tracking itself generally does not require the consent of the website visitor if you use etracker. The consent of the website visitor is only required for the setting and reading of etracker cookies.

By default, however, etracker can also be used without cookies. This means in particular: There is no loss of data due to missing consents.

You may still want to use etracker with cookies because customer journeys and unique visitor information are made possible by the use of cookies. You can then use the calls described below to control the setting of cookies for the respective website visitor and switch them on or off.

Our recommendation

Make sure that the
etracker script
is always executed – regardless of any consent banner and regardless of any consent given by the website visitor.

And just in case you use other cookies or scripts that require consent in addition to etracker: Obtain consent for the setting of etracker cookies via a consent banner and then control the setting of etracker cookies via the consent banner.

However, if you do not use any other cookies or scripts that require consent in addition to etracker: Leave the default setting data-block-cookies=”true” in the etracker script and completely refrain from using consent banners or obtaining consent for tracking with etracker and the setting of etracker cookies.

With etracker, you can conduct legally compliant web analysis both with and without cookies. You can find out exactly what this means in our video and white paper:

Whitepaper “Cookie-less etracking”

Webinar recording “All about cookies and consent”

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