Report „Form Analysis“

The Form Analysis report is available for etracker customers with the corresponding scope of services. It contains attributes and KPIs specifically created for form analysis.

Last Visitors

The “Last Visitor Report” shows you the table of visitors for the current day starting at 00:00. The sorting of the previous visitors is done using the last recorded page impression, regardless of how long the visitor has already been active. The overview does not update automatically as it is otherwise impossible to perform a

Basic Reports

Customer Journey Reports

The Customer Journey describes the process visitor takes up until the final decision and conversion. Contact with the means of advertising and website views are viewed as stations on the journey to the target. For spontaneous or very targeted purchases, the customer journey can consist of one individual contact. Customer journeys can however continue on

First steps

Here you can find out how to access the etracker application and how you can change basic settings.

Website Targets

Website targets can be the completion of processes (e.g. orders), which a visitor to your website performs. Here, the visitor must open individual pages of the website which describe the process steps. Examples of website targets: Create query Order newsletter Order in Online Shop Registration Make application (to authorities) Book journey In the Website Targets


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