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Selector events

With the help of selector events, clicks can be measured on any page element without having to change the source code of a web page. Select Account Info – Settings – Selector Events to create, modify, or delete a selector event. How to locate CSS selectors There are two ways to identify CSS selectors in

Function & Purpose

etracker Optimiser is a module you can use to optimise the success of your website. Here, you can export one or more page versions. Using page variants you can address visitors or visitor groups to your website in a targeted way with smart messages or test to see what effects changes to your website have.

First steps

Here, you can find out how to adjust your website code for the analysis. We also show you how to set etracker Optimiser optimally to meet your needs.

A/B testing & smart messages

When creating tests and smart messages, an assistant is there to help you query all of the necessary data and save it to the corresponding project. During the runtime of a test, etracker informs you under etracker Optimiser > Testing & Targeting > Project overview & creation of how long the test will run roughly

Report „Form Analysis“

The Form Analysis report is available for etracker customers with the corresponding scope of services. It contains attributes and KPIs specifically created for form analysis.

First steps

Here you can find out how to access the etracker application and how you can change basic settings.


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