Function & Purpose

So that etracker can determine the tracking data of the website (e.g. visitors and page views), display the survey and feedback, execute testing and targeting and record the mouse movements of visitors with UX Analytics, the etracker tracking code is required. The tracking code 4.1 needs to be included once on all of the website

Setting Parameters

To be able to use the reports in etracker Analytics as optimally as possible, you should perform basic integration at the very least. You can only use the reports with the sales figures for orders and baskets if you set further parameters (provided these reports are activated for you). If you should already be using

Event Tracker

With the help of the event tracker, you can assess the interactions of website visitors, thereby allowing you to retrieve comprehensive key figures on the use of your interactive website contents. These events cannot be tracked using a conventional tracking code. In addition to the etracker tracking code, you need a JavaScript function which dynamically

Transferring eCommerce Events

On-Site Campaigns

Parameter et_popto

With the help of the et_popto parameter, you can avoid flickering effects when viewing pages. If the browser has loaded too much of the original page by the time etracker delivers the variant, then the original page will be shown briefly before the injection/redirect is executed by etracker. This is perceived as flickering and is

Tracking dynamic content: Wrapper

With the wrapper, page impressions can also be tracked without expressly opening a website.

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