Function & Purpose

UX Analytics is a user experience product for precisely analysing how a user interacts with the website in order to optimise usability, content and conversion rates. Here, the behaviour of visitors on individual pages of your website is the main priority. UX Analytics tracks all user behaviour on a website: from the mouse movement and


UX Analytics can be used to its full extent and without any additional adjustments under the following basic requirements. The current tracking code is integrated. The website consists solely of static content. The style sheets of the page do not contain any @import instructions with absolute paths (for security reasons, etracker only allows relative paths).

Dynamic Page Content

If your website contains dynamic content (client-side manipulations) or is designed completely dynamically, additional adjustments will be required for UX Analytics. For UX Analytics, the DOM is transferred and recorded for the on-load event (with asynchronous counting, or later on if necessary). Each time the website is reloaded, the DOM is transferred again. However, many

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