Targets of this Documentation

Testing & Targeting offers various functions to analyse the usability of your website so that you can optimise it. How to use the functions essentially depends on the structure of your website. This document describes which options for usage Testing & Targeting provides, which prerequisites need to be in place and how you can customise

Function & Purpose

Testing & Targeting is a product for optimising websites. Using A/B tests, you can export and evaluate different versions of your website. Using the findings of Testing & Targeting, you can uncover weaknesses and errors in the user guidance and in the design of the content, thus enabling you to create the basics for more

Checklist for Using A/B Testings

With this checklist, you can check if all of the prerequisites for the A/B testing of Testing & Targeting exist on your website.

Requirements for Using

Testing & Targeting can be used to its full extent and under the following basic requirements without any additional adjustments. The current tracking code is integrated correctly. (Notes on integration, see “Integrating the Tracking Code“). The website consists solely of static content. The Visual Editor can only be used to a limited extent in the

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