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Integrating etracker Code

Filling in Code Parameters

The following code configuration makes sure the use of the website content can be evaluated as optimally as possible. Note: All values are to be transferred in the URL-coded format (RFC 3986), especially when they contain special characters.

eCommerce Events

With the help of eCommerce Events, actions like “Product page seen”, “Product placed into the basket” or “Product ordered” can be transferred with all of the relevant item information. Here, however, additional code needs to be integrated. The functions and parameters for this are included in the so-called eCommerce API. This relates to JavaScript code

Internal Searches & On-site Teaser

When orders are recorded, etracker will automatically calculate a value for each event as well as for the individual pages and page areas. This shows how valuable an individual page, area or event object is in regard to the following transactions, that is, how often the page or event was viewed by visitors, who executed

General Event Tracking

Along with page views, eCommerce events and on-site campaigns, any other interaction, e.g. clicks on links or elements on the website, can be recorded using events. Examples of such events are downloads of PDF documents, picture views, external links and filter functions on search result pages or category pages. External Social Media link views and

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