Managing authorisation profiles

The setup of the general route for the authorisation profiles is as follows:

Initial Requirements

An etracker partner ID is required when allocating the externally created test accounts. These can be received from your etracker Account Manager within the framework of a partner contract. The Partner ID is transferred as well when the test account is created and guarantees secure assignment to the partner. In the following examples, the Partner

External Setup of Test Accounts

For the external setup of an etracker test account when sending the partner form (or with the corresponding trigger on the partner page), a JSON object needs to be filled dynamically with values and sent to an etracker. The following example shows the transfer of variables which need to be transferred as a minimum.


Erweitern Sie mit der etracker Testing API Ihr Content-Management- oder Shopsystem um Testing- und Conversion-Optimierungs-Funktionalität. Über eine REST-Schnittstelle nutzen Sie alle Testing-Funktionen, die Sie auch aus dem etracker Optimiser kennen, direkt in Ihrem System. Führen Sie A/B-Tests durch, spielen Sie personalisierte Inhalte aus und rufen Sie individuelle Reports zu den gesammelten Daten ab. Sie entscheiden

How to use the API

What does that mean?

etracker data like the number of visitors to an online shop will be exported and made available to the user in their CMS/shop system. This user would like to receive additional information on where their visitors are coming from. Using a link in the CMS/shop system, this user, without having to log themselves in to


Logging in is done with the help of a POST call of the URL with the body in the following format: username = Name of the account password = Password cmsLogin = CMS2 targetUrl = Path to the page to be viewed (optional) # Example with curl: curl –data “username=123456&password=Secret&cmsLogin=CMS2” # Example with

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