Establishing data protection compliance

Before the tracking code goes live and for data collection to begin, you must have completed the following two points to ensure GDPR compliance and compliance with the EU Cookie Policy:

Installation of the tracking code

True to the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) rule, web analysis depends largely on the quality of data collection. Errors in the data complicate their analysis and interpretation. At worst, they lead to false conclusions and costly wrong decisions. This quick guide helps you to install the etracker code correctly and thus ensure a high

Settings in the application

The settings of your account can be reached by clicking on the “little man” below the etracker logo in the application menu. As long as no data is collected, you will automatically be taken to the settings after logging in. There you have a wide range of configuration options, such as setting up alarms, sending

Campaigns tagging

Using the referrer, etracker automatically assigns all visits to the media SEO (search engine traffic), link/referrer (without campaign parameters from all external domains except search engines) and type-in (direct entries and visits without referrer). In addition, UTM campaign parameters are automatically captured and assigned. You should do this additionally to analyze the success of your

Integrating etracker Code

Filling in Code Parameters

The following code configuration makes sure the use of the website content can be evaluated as optimally as possible. Note: All values are to be transferred in the URL-coded format (RFC 3986), especially when they contain special characters.

eCommerce Events

With the help of eCommerce Events, actions like “Product page seen”, “Product placed into the basket” or “Product ordered” can be transferred with all of the relevant item information. Here, however, additional code needs to be integrated. The functions and parameters for this are included in the so-called eCommerce API. This relates to JavaScript code

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