Function & Purpose

The Targeting API is used for personalising websites in realtime. Personalisation happens from the moment the visitor arrives at the website. The Targeting API is a REST Service which can be integrated into the Content Management System or Shop Systems. With the help of the transferred data, website content can be generated dynamically or exchanged

Access to the TAPI

The following requirements need to be satisfied in order to be able to use the etracker Targeting API: Desired targeting data must be recorded by etracker and transferred via events (using eCommerce API) or order parameters when calling the page. Orders, product performance events (‘Product viewed’, ‘Product placed in basket’ and/or ‘Product ordered’). The desired


Note: When a visitor visits a website for the first time, for technical reasons it can take up to half an hour until the Targeting API provides a new user profile.

Error Messages

Display of Smart Messages

On GitHub, etracker provides a jQuery plugin for viewing smart messages. The jquery.smartmessage plugin can be used to show how Exit-Intent, Attention Grabber or Greeter Messages can be implemented. The plugin queries the Targeting API for user profiles and uses etracker Analytics for tracking.

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