Purpose of the REST Report API

The etracker REST Report API v3 is an interface you can use to develop your own applications using the etracker data or to further process this data at your company.

Access to the REST Report API

In order to be able to use the etracker REST Report API, you need to register with etracker. Save a valid email address with our Support in order to receive a so-called developer token. Using your email address and the developer token, you will then be authorised to access etracker data using the etracker REST

Using the REST Report API

To simplify using the etracker REST Report API, you should create a REST client. The structure of the client depends on the programming language used. The client sends the queries to the service and returns defined values which can then be further processed. Apart from the development environment for the programming language used, you will


Each REST Report query must have a header. This is for performing the authentication to the API. The following header information is mandatory. email: This header element includes the email address of the developer who has access to the API. developerToken: This header element includes the developer token which you can request from the etracker

Calling the available Reports

https://ws.etracker.com/api/v6/report With this call, you can receive a list of all reports (including your own) which are available through the interface. The return is a JSON object consisting of key value pairs in which the key report IDs and the values are report names: { “EAPage”:”Pages”, “CCOverview”:”Overview”, “72”:”My individual Report”, …} Report data can be

Calling Report & Metadata

The queries of the etracker report REST API are structured as follows: https://ws.etracker.com/api/v6/report/#ReportID#/#Service# The available services are:

Basic Parameters of the Report API

The following section describes the basic parameters of the Report API. Examples explaining the parameters then follow.           The following query uses the above parameters in order to proceed in a more targeted way when querying the ‘Devices’ report. https://ws.etracker.com/api/v6/report/CCWRDeviceType/data?startDate=2016-01-01&endDate=2016-01-31&sortColumn=unique_visits&sortOrder=1&offset=0&limit=10 The parameters were set as follows: startDate = 2016-01-01 endDate =

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