Function & Purpose

The remarketing feed interface between etracker and email marketing systems is unidirectional. That means etracker data will be transferred to the email marketing system. The data is transferred in 5-minute intervals. Each data record is always transferred just once to the email marketing system. Transfer is done via an SFTP server whose access data the


The following requirements need to be satisfied in order to be able to use the etracker Remarketing Feed: Product performance events (product viewed, product placed in basket and/or product ordered) are transferred to etracker using the etracker eCommerce API. Recipient IDs are transferred via the target link (campaign link) in mailouts to etracker. So that


The standard segments for eCommerce applications are subsets of analysis data which have an identical parameter value in regard to a visitor action. The observed visitor actions are productViews, orders and abandonments. The segment of the product views contains all of the visitors who viewed a product during a certain period. We view orders and

Data Format

The data format is specific for the eCommerce use-cases. The UTF-8 character set and URL coding are used. Note: Due to the transmission errors and corruption of URLs, data can be incorrect in exceptional circumstances. The files are named according to the following convention: <yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss>_<etracker_string>.cs The designation of the <etracker_string> can be chosen freely and

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