Raw data export

With etracker you have full control over your data and can access them in various forms of processing for the respective purposes: Analysis data available via Report interface Manual or automated report data export Web Service API (REST) Remarketing feed with eCommerce event data (view lists, view product details, put into cart, put on wish


etracker Analytics Enterprise Edition


By requesting the service, you will receive an initial consultation on the configuration of the raw data tables required for your purposes, and we will provide access data to our FTPS server with which you can retrieve the exports. You set the export time yourself (usually between 6 and 10 o’clock in the morning for


Tables A table with the format “export-accountID-yyyy-mm-dd” is created for each day. The following raw data tables are available: External page report: Page impressions and eCommerce events in the context of external campaigns Site report attributed onsite: Page impressions and eCommerce events in the context of internal campaigns Event Report Report on form fields Row

Sample data record

470939_2019-09-03_2019-09-03 (1) 470939_2019-09-03_2019-09-03_events (1) Watch out: Please ensure that the columns are formatted as text before opening so as not to lose any information due to the Excel conversion.  

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