Raw data export

With etracker you have full control over your data and can access them in various forms of processing for the respective purposes:

  • Analysis data available via
    • Report interface
    • Manual or automated report data export
    • Web Service API (REST)
  • Remarketing feed with eCommerce event data (view lists, view product details, put into cart, put on wish list, order, abandoned shopping cart) after session end at recipient level for Email Marketing Automation.
  • Targeting API provides real-time user profile information from the entire visit history for website personalization and for individualized marketing campaigns (Recency-Frequency-Monetary, content based on interests and products).
  • Google Ads Upload automatically converts non-personal conversion data to Google Ads to improve your bid and ad strategy.
  • Raw data contains the most comprehensive data for each measurement point with timestamp for further processing in data warehouses, statistics solutions and BI systems.

With the raw data service, you receive daily an export of the etracker Analytics data with individual, clearly recorded interactions with timestamp and selected dimensions.

Raw data exports are ideal for data analysts to combine different data sources, perform advanced statistical analysis, or create custom visualizations.

If a recurring raw data export has been specified, the raw data tables are automatically transferred to an FTPS server in CSV format. The exported raw data are not completely unprocessed, but already contain the resolved geolocation, device or technology attributes as well as the assignment to external or internal campaigns.

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