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Product Performance Reports

Product range, price and positioning optimisation is one of the most important requirements in eCommerce. The basis of this optimisation are questions like:

  • Which products/categories can the visitors see?
  • Which products/categories are the visitors interested in most?
  • Which products/categories are bookmarked?
  • Which products/categories are put into or removed from the shopping basket?
  • Which products/categories are ordered?
  • Which advertising measures lead to actual conversions after all returns and cancellations?

These questions can be answered in detail using the Product Performance Reports. You can find these reports under eCommerce Reports > Product Performance.

For the reports, advanced data recording must be integrated into the websites to be tracked so that events like “Seen”, “Bookmarked” or “Put in basket” can be transferred along with the order via the eCommerce API and compiled in the report.

  • MediumType/Channel of a Successful Contact (e.g. Social Media)
    CampaignCampaign name which serves to differentiate between different campaign actions and is necessary in order to compare different campaigns.
    1st to 4th categoryFour category levels in which each product can be illustrated (e.g. longboards > accessories > screws > Phillips head screws).
    Product IDUnique product number.
    Product NameName of the product.
    Page NameName of the page on which the product was shown.
    Customer GroupGroup to which a customer belongs, according to eCommerce API.
    Terms of DeliveryTerms of delivery according to eCommerce API (e.g. delivery to the curb).
    Terms of PaymentTerms of payment according to eCommerce API (e.g. in instalments).
    The key figures of the reports are organised in the key figure groups. The key figure groups result from the product-relevant actions of the shop visitors.
    • NumberIndicates how often the product was seen. All views are recorded, even if a visitor viewed a product multiple times during a visit.
      Goods valueThe goods value of the products which the visitors have placed into the basket:
      Number of "Product placed into basket" x Product quantity x Product price.
      Shopping basket product pageRelationship between the number of products which were placed into the basket and the number of viewed products:
      Number 'Product placed into basket'/Number 'Product (page) seen'.
      Goods valueThe goods value of the products which the visitors removed from the basket:
      Number of "Product removed from basket" x Product quantity x Product price.
      Deletion rateRelationship between the number of products which were removed from the basket to the number of products placed into it:
      Number 'Product removed from the basket'/Number 'Product placed into basket'.
      NumberIndicates how often the product was bookmarked in the Online Shop.
      Product quantityIndicates in what quantities the product was ordered.
      Goods valueThe goods value of the ordered products. It does not matter if orders were changed at a later point in time to a sale or cancellation. The key figure keeps the original status of the orders:
      Number 'Product ordered' x product quantity x product price.+
      Die Kennzahlengruppe 'Bestellung' ist optional je nach Implementierung. Wir empfehlen die Übergabe von Bestellungen als 'Sale', was in den Product Performance Reports in der Kennzahlengruppe 'Kauf' ausgewiesen wird.
      NumberIndicates how often the product was bought.
      Products per purchaseAverage number of products per purchase:
      Purchased product quantity/Number of 'Products bought'.
      Goods valueThe goods value of the purchased products. It does not matter if purchases were cancelled at a later point in time:
      Number 'Product bought' x Product quantity x Product price
      Goods value per purchaseAverage goods value per purchase:
      Goods value/Number 'Product purchased'.
      Leave value as isGoods value of the products placed into the basket reduced by the purchased products.
      Cancellation rateNumber of products abandoned of those placed into the basket (in %):
      Number 'Placed into basket' minus number 'Purchase')/Number 'Placed into the basket'
      Product page for purchaseRatio of purchased to viewed products

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