Manage sub-users

The setup of the general route for sub-users is as follows:

  • The following Curl example shows a GET request for querying already existing sub-users:
    curl '' -X GET -H 'X-ET-email:' -H 'X-ET-developerToken: ab7891ca89d9b4d10dc1703a7f0214256babe6c9' -H 'X-ET-accountId: 18854' -H 'X-ET-password: demo'
    As a response to the GET request, you will then receive:
    [[{"id":"6","name":"Dalton","fname":"Lars","version":"1","subid":"2","role":"Read permissions","role_type":"read_only","enable":"1","login":"3","role_id":"5"},
    {"id":"8","name":"Write permission","fname":"Lars","version":"1","subid":"3","role":
    "Read permissions","role_type":"read_only","enable":"1","login":"0","role_id":"5"},
    {"id":"9","name":"Read-Write permission","fname":"Lars","version":"1","subid":"4",
    "role":"Read and write permissions","role_type":"read_only","enable":"1","login":"3",
    The following Curl example shows you the setup of a sub-user:
    curl '' -X POST -H 'X-ET-email:' -H 'X-ET-developerToken: ab7891ca89d9b4d10dc1703a7f0214256babe6c9' -H 'X-ET-accountId: 18854' -H 'X-ET-password: demo'--data 'enable=1&sex=0&fname=John&name=Doe&'
    The information contained in the "--data" parameter is: enable = active, value 1 or inactive, value 0 sex = female, value 0; sex male, value 1 fname = First name name = Last name email = Email address role_id = Identifier of the user profile pass = Password language = language (Spanish = es, English = en, French = fr and German = de) In the "--data" parameter, the following information must always be contained: role_id, name, fname, sex, pass, email, language, enable
    Note: The available "roleIDs" can be queried with a GET request (see "Query profile").
    The route for deleting a sub-user is as follows:<userId>
    The following Curl example shows a DELETE request which deletes the sub-user with the ID 8:
    curl '' -X DELETE -H 'X-ET-email:' -H 'X-ET-developerToken: ab7891ca89d9b4d10dc1703a7f0214256babe6c9' -H 'X-ET-accountId: 18854' -H 'X-ET-password: demo'
    Note: The available "userIDs" can be queried with a GET request (see "Query sub-users").

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