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  • The etracker Magento plugin is used to set up the etracker tracking code in your Magento online shop software. The plugin offers many etracker functions directly. Apart from fully integrating etracker Web Analytics, the plugin can also integrate etracker Optimiser.
    • The Magento plugin for etracker is compliant with Magento CE1.4.0.1, 1.4.2, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x and 1.8.x. It is not compliant with Magento EE and any pre Magento CE release.
      The installation of the Magento etracker plugin is done via the Magento Connect interface. Please make sure that the file permissions are set correctly according to the Magento Connect requirements. 1. Login to your Magento Admin Panel and choose System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. 2-2-install-the-etracker-magento-plugin 2. Login with your admin password again. 3. In the Magento Connect Manager go to the section 'Install New Extensions' and click on the Magento Connect link to download the package. 2-2-install-the-etracker-magento-plugin_2 4. Paste one of the extension keys from the Magento Marketplace into the section 'Install New Extensions'. 5. Click on the Install button. The system will check the current version of the plugin on Magento Connect and display the information. Click on Proceed to finally install the extension. 6. Go back to the Magento Admin Panel. Log out and re-login. Now you can start to configure the plugin.
      Note: If you already have a local version of the extension package available on your system, you may also go to the section 'Direct package file upload' and click on Choose file. Your default file dialog of the operating system will be shown and you can choose the plugin’s archive. After clicking on Upload you will see a 'Procedure completed'' message and you can go back to the Magento Admin Panel to log out and re-login.
      You can configure the plugin easily in the Magento Admin Panel. 1. Log in to the Magento Admin Panel and choose System > Configuration in the main menu. 2. Choose etracker in the GENERAL pane of the left-hand vertical menu. 2-3-configure-the-etracker-magento-plugin
        • Account Key 1 Please enter the Account Key 1 here to overall enable tracking. You'll find the key online in your etracker account on Browse to Account info > Setup/Tracking Code > Account key > etracker Account key 1.
        • Account Key 2 To be able to use additional etracker API functionality you will need to fill in your Account Key 1. here again.
        • Submit prices/amounts You can transmit all prices and amounts either including tax (gross) or excluding tax (net) from Magento to etracker.
        • Integrate tracking code 4.1? Tracking Code 4.1 offers more failure safety than earlier versions and is absolutely necessary for using etracker Optimiser. Please remove any other etracker code from your website prior to the integration. When choosing 'No' please ensure integrated standard tracking OR existing tracking code equal or greater version 4.1.
        • Activate StoreView code as area prefix? Should the StoreView code be set as prefix to the area path? Example: 'UK/products/product_a' instead of 'products/product_a', if your StoreView code is 'UK'.
        • Activate logging? If activated, log will be written to the file 'etracker.log'. You can find the etracker.log file in the /var/log folder of your Magento installation.
        • Activate debug? If set to ‘Yes’, debug data is printed to the browser console (instead of submitting it to etracker). Please check the documentation of your Internet browser for how to enable the console.

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