Function & Purpose

UX Analytics is a user experience product for precisely analysing how a user interacts with the website in order to optimise usability, content and conversion rates. Here, the behaviour of visitors on individual pages of your website is the main priority.

UX Analytics tracks all user behaviour on a website: from the mouse movement and speed to the scrolling as well as all mouse-clicks and even changes in the size of the browser window. The page content of the viewed website is also tracked (real page content) for this. The recordings can be played back for individual users like a film in the “Motion Player” or as aggregated overlay maps in the “Map Viewer” directly on the website.

With the help of the form analysis in UX Analytics, you can track and evaluate the use of forms on websites.

Using this data, the behaviour of the users can be analysed to the highest possible degree of detail, thus allowing you to gather an overall picture of the visitors. The analysis tools show if your visitors really use the designed navigational paths and work flows. If there are obstacles to these processes which the visitor cannot get past, these will be identified precisely.

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