Dimension Filter

In etracker Analytics, the data records of a report can be filtered based on the desired value within an activated dimension. The parameter attributeFilter, which can only be applied to segments and dimensions, allows the data of a report to be called filtered using the REST API. The structure is as follows:

DescriptionIncludes the filter characteristics in the form of a JSON array.
JSON array structure[
JSON array description• input: Contains the substring which needs to be included in the dimension or segment.
• attributId: Dimension or segment which should be filtered.
• type and filterType do not need to be adapted
Permitted charactersThe following characters are permitted for input:
• Additional letters from all languages which are included in unicode
• all numbers: 0 - 9
• special characters: § % $ ( ) = ? € @ , . ! & + - ^ ° _ | [ ] / * { } : \
• space
Correct usage requires URL encoding of the JSON array.
URL-encoded example:

The following example demonstrates the use of the parameter in a query:


If multiple dimensions or segments inside a display are to be filtered, the additional entries are to be added to the JSON array accordingly.


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