Data Format

The data format is specific for the eCommerce use-cases. The UTF-8 character set and URL coding are used.

Due to the transmission errors and corruption of URLs, data can be incorrect in exceptional circumstances.
Nr.NameData typeDescription
1dateStringDate when the action (the event) occurred. In the case of a productView, for example, the time when the visitor viewed the product. The format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS. The timezone is always CET/CEST.
2etcc_ridStringRecipient ID (HTTP parameter etcc_rid), which was transferred to etracker using the campaign link of an email. Corresponds to one visitor.
3etcc_midInteger, 64 Bit, long The mailout ID transferred to etracker (HTTP parameter etcc_mid). This field can be empty if the action (the event) can no longer be assigned to a mailout due to transmission errors or URL manipulation.
In etracker, you can set if the assignment of a conversion to a campaign is done according to the ‘First Ad’ (first click wins) or ‘Last Ad’ (last click wins) principle. Depending on the customer journey, the field of the mailout ID is occupied by a campaign (conversion is assigned to a mailout) or empty.
4eventtypeStringType of the event. There are three possible default values for this: ‘abandonment’, ‘order’ or ‘productView’.
5contextStringProduct number (SKU Stock Keeping Unit).
6categoryStringCategory information separated by forward slashes which were transferred to etracker using the eCommerce API.
7pricefloatGross price of the product.
8quantityInteger, 32 BitNumber of products for this event type (e.g. number of products in the order). Multiplied by the price results in the total amount for this event type.
9BestellnummerStringValue from the eCommerce System, which shows which positions belong to an order. If multiple lines in this export belong to one order, the order number will always be the same. Different order numbers refer to different orders.
10Session-IDStringID of the visitor session. Using this parameter, products in a cancelled basket can be identified. If session IDs of visitors are also transferred for product views, connected product views can also be identified. If the number here is the same, then the products are from the same basket or the views are from the same session.

The files are named according to the following convention:


The designation of the <etracker_string> can be chosen freely and is used for generating unique files. The date should always show the start of the dates from the interval.

The provider of the email marketing system creates a folder for the files and forwards the path to etracker.

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