Campaigns tagging

Using the referrer, etracker automatically assigns all visits to the media SEO (search engine traffic), link/referrer (without campaign parameters from all external domains except search engines) and type-in (direct entries and visits without referrer). In addition, UTM campaign parameters are automatically captured and assigned.

You should do this additionally to analyze the success of your marketing efforts:

  • For all other campaigns, you have over ten etracker campaign parameters available to convey the medium, campaign, ad, partner, origin, variant, etc. as granular as you like. The Campaign Wizard can be reached via the "Magic Wand Tool" next to "Campaigns" in the Marketing Reports menu.
    Newsletter tools, adservers and ad networks (retargeting, affiliate, SEA, social media, etc.) can be configured to automatically append the appropriate URL parameters to the target URLs. Here's how google Ads works: Here's how Bing Ads works: You can also return your etracker-measured conversions to Google Ads to take advantage of automatic bid strategies and view conversions in relation to costs. Here's how:

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