Each REST Report query must have a header. This is for performing the authentication to the API.

The following header information is mandatory.

  • email: This header element includes the email address of the developer who has access to the API.
  • developerToken: This header element includes the developer token which you can request from the etracker Support.
  • accountId: This element includes the etracker account ID. For authentication purposes, an etracker sub-user can also be entered (format: #accountId#-#subuserId#)
  • password: This element includes the password of the etracker account.

Example: X-ET-developerToken=ab7891ca89d9b4d10dc1703a7f0214256babe6c9 X-ET-accountId=18854 X-ET-password=demo

In Firefox you can also use modify headers ( to send on these headers.

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