Access to the TAPI

The following requirements need to be satisfied in order to be able to use the etracker Targeting API:

      • Desired targeting data must be recorded by etracker and transferred via events (using eCommerce API) or order parameters when calling the page.
        Orders, product performance events (‘Product viewed’, ‘Product placed in basket’ and/or ‘Product ordered’).
      • The desired targeting data (attributes) are configured by etracker.

In order to call the interface, send a request to the URI of the Targeting API. You can call the interface in the frontend using JavaScript or in the backend via HTTPS. One query is enough per session (at the start of the session).

      • The request for the interface must contain two parameters:
        transfers the account key 2 which you can find in the etracker application under Settings > Setup/Tracking Code. Account Key 2 is Base64-encoded.
      • _et_coid
        transfers the first-party cookie from the domain of the etracker customer.
You can also determine the _et_coid using JavaScript.
For testing purposes you can use the cookie ID _et_coid using Firebug from the website.<account-key>&_et_coid=<CookieId>


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