Access to the REST Report API

In order to be able to use the etracker REST Report API, you need to register with etracker. Save a valid email address with our Support in order to receive a so-called developer token. Using your email address and the developer token, you will then be authorised to access etracker data using the etracker REST Report API.

In order to protect your privacy and prevent unauthorised use of the etracker Web Services API, you should keep the developer token confidential.

Using your valid email address, you can be kept informed about further developments and changes to the etracker REST Report API in realtime. When registering, you can indicate if you would like to receive regular information on the etracker API or not.

The email address and the developer token are to be supplied in each Web Service Request within the query header.

If you have the etracker Analytics Enterprise Edition, you can use the REST Report API for free. In all other cases, you can book the REST Report API for an extra charge. We are happy to provide you with prices on request. If necessary, contact your etracker consultant or Support.

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