etracker Web-Controlling Suite
The tool for marketers to analyse websites, apps and employee portals

The complete solution for digital analytics

A perfect integration of everything from one source: web analytics, marketing analytics, shop analytics, mouse tracking and form analysis, visitor surveys, feedback, and app analytics.

All the six products are accessed via one intuitive user interface, integrated by a single code snippet into the website and powered by a unified big data platform.

Getting started made easy

Integrating it into your systems landscape is very easy thanks to numerous standard connections, interfaces and plugins, and additional online marketing solutions and services.

A clear and intuitive usability

We have been developing analytics solutions for practical use in online marketing for more than 15 years. All products are easily integrated and operated, regardless of the full scope of functions – and the best thing is, they are easy to understand. This is all thanks to preconfigured, adjustable reports and dashboards, website overlays for figures, heat-, scroll- and movement-maps, interactive graphics with note function and much more.

There are 5 possibilities to obtain the web analytics figures:

  1. By using the reporting interface of the etracker web or mobile application.
  2. By means of the export function out of the web application for further processing (for example, by Excel).
  3. By connecting it to the etracker REST Reporting API, allowing a direct transfer of data to Excel or own dashboards and, if needed, a connection to other data sources.
  4. Through the etracker Targeting API or Remarketing Feed, in order to retrieve individual data for website personalisation or marketing automation.
  5. Through the exporting of raw or structural data, which can be further processed in SPSS and R, or can be imported into your own BI solutions.



The Web-Controlling Suite consists of 6 modules:

Web analytics

This is the basis of data based marketing and of efficient management of the website’s success. It features a real time review of the web site’s current visitors, pathing and landing page, area and event analysis as well as segmentation according to device types, location or traffic sources.

Marketing analytics

How successful are your marketing campaigns? You can measure the effectiveness of any onsite and offsite campaign using detailed marketing reports – everything is integrated into one single system. Additionally you can see what effect advertising media and campaigns have on the individual buying phases of the customer journey.

Shop analytics

Check your external campaigns as well as website activity, such as internal searches, and teaser or offer creation regarding ordering or booking behaviour. You can even take cancellations and returns into account. This key feature is a new way to connect online marketing and shopping cart analysis.

Product performance

Which products are really successful, viewed the most often and put into the shopping cart the most? Which products with few views and high conversion rates should be promoted more strongly?

Analysis of abandoned shopping carts

Which products are often abandoned or deleted from shopping carts?

Product range analysis

Which product groups or categories are the most successful? Are there anomalies with certain brands?

Satisfaction analysis

Who are your visitors? How satisfied are they? Why are they terminating their visits? Web analytics alone cannot answer these questions. Thanks to the integrated online survey you can answer these questions.

The integration with web analytics and the right timing allows you to target the right visitors. Furthermore you gain valuable customer feedback quickly and easily which is important, since the sooner you are informed of possible obstacles on your website, the sooner you can act.                                                                   

What’s more, you profit from your customers’ ideas and wishes. Simply choose the feedback button, configure the feedback dialogue and the email alert – done!

App analysis

You can answer many questions regarding your mobile app using the integrated app tracking. How many visitors are using the app? How intensively is the app used? Which content is used the most? How is the usage distributed among the different devices, OS-versions and manufacturers? The unique advantage: analyse both the use of your app and the mobile access to your websites with this one single solution.

User experience analysis

How do visitors experience your website? You can follow your visitors virtually and watch selected sessions like a movie. Additionally you can discover how far visitors scroll, which elements, pictures and texts attract their attention and which form fields give visitors trouble or even make them quit. You won’t only discover the obstacles to conversion; you will also gain a better understanding of your website’s visitors.

An overview of the most important functions:

  • Worldwide, high performance code delivery by CDN
  • Simple integration thanks to plugins, funnel editor without code adjustments, preconfigured reports, dashboards and much more
  • Intuitive usability with click path, funnel and customer journey analysis, link and click maps
  • Interactive spreadsheets and graphics, all common export formats, automatic reporting, rights and roles for joint use and much more
  • Multichannel campaign assessment for up to 21 parameters, such as ad motif, format and position
  • Synchronization with Google AdWords, based on multiple distribution models, conversion points as well as cancellation and returns analysis
  • Modern product performance analysis aiming at identifying top sellers (many clicks and many conversions), flops (few clicks and few conversions) and hidden champions (few clicks and relatively many conversions) on article, category and product group level, including abandoned shopping carts
  • Create multidimensional views of data in seconds thanks to the pivot function. Top keywords based on landingpage or type of device, top products based on category or channel and much more
  •  Session-recording of mouse movements, keyboard input scrolling and clicks
  • Overlay maps for scroll behaviour and mouse movement
  • Analysis of forms up to field level
  • And much more

Starting at

per month*!

* 19 €/ month is the licence price for the silver edition (recommended for smaller websites without eCommerce), 49 €/ month is the licence price for the gold edition (recommended for smaller online shops); each for a website with up to 100,000 touchpoints a month (a page view, an event or a forwarding click without consecutive page view represents a touchpoint) as well as a 12 month contract period.



We would also gladly make you an individual offer based on your requirements. Feel free to call us at +49 (0)40 55 56 59 50 or send us a Message.