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Web Controlling Suite – The All-in-one Package for your Online Business

Comprehensive website optimization. Integrated web, marketing, shop and user experience analysis.
Overview of the Web Controlling Suite editions
Silber Edition
starts at
per month1
Ideal for smaller websites with basic requirements.
Gold Edition
starts at
per month1
Ideal for larger websites or online shops with advanced requirements.
Platinum Edition
Price on request
Ideal for companies with multiple websites or shops with major requirements.
Multiple domains
Web analytics
Marketing controlling
      Campaign & target analysis
      Shop analysis
      Customer journey analysis
App control
Mouse tracking (# of recorded page impressions per month)
Form analysis
Satisfaction analysis
100% data privacy

Web Controlling Suite - Data-driven Website Optimization

Analyze. Test. Optimize. Our web analytics suite bundles a wide range of features for web, marketing, user experience and satisfaction analysis and A/B testing. Thanks to an intuitive web interface and real-time dynamic analysis, you receive a solution to ensure the long-term success of your website and online marketing activities.

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Highlights of the etracker Web Controlling Suite

Clear and Intuitive User Interface

We develop highly complex products that are extremely easy to use in everyday business as they're easy to install, simple to operate and, best of all, easy to understand.

Dynamic Real-time Analysis From Every Angle

We use the state-of-the-art big-data technologies to provide you with flexible analysis presentations. You can display additional dimensions with just two clicks or change the your data angle via drag and drop by sorting your top keywords by landing page, selecting a search engine or search item, or by analyzing top products by category, brand, campaign, and much more.

Detailed Analysis of User Behavior and User Experience

How do your visitors perceive your website? Why do they visit it? And why do they spend time on your website? We provide you with a detailed user experience analysis that includes scroll behavior, clicks, touch interactions, form entries and mouse movements. This not only helps you discover conversion hurdles, it also provides you with quick answers to basic conversion optimization questions.

Extensive Online Marketing Controlling

How successful are your marketing campaigns? Thanks to our detailed marketing analysis you can analyze the effectiveness of your onsite and offsite campaigns within a single solution. As an eCommerce operator you can also see the impact of your ads during the different buying phases based on the AIDA model and analyze your product range in relation to your campaigns and website layout.

Integrated satisfaction analysis

Collect visitor satisfaction data to identify new optimization potential. This information is collected with the help of intelligent market research in the form of an onsite survey. You can also write your own questions to complement the default questions, while a feedback button on your website allows visitors to give you feedback as well as suggestions for improving individual subpages.

Simple Success Control and Mobile App Optimization

Our comprehensive app tracking features can help you answer many questions about your mobile app. How many visitors use your app? How intensely is the app used? Which app content is used most often? How is use spread out across the different devices, OS versions and manufacturers? You can analyze your entire website and app usage from the comfort of a single application.

100% Compliant with Privacy Requirements and Guaranteed Data Retention in Germany

We consider it essential to ensure the security of sensitive customer data. With this in mind, we requested and successfully passed an audit by the Data Privacy Officer in Hamburg. We have also imposed strict requirements on ourselves to guide us. We guarantee 100% data retention in Germany as well as a 100% privacy compliant service.