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360° Website Optimization

Analyse. Test. Optimize. For the Success of your Website.

Our products at a glance:

Web Controlling Suite

The Web Controlling Suite is a complete solution for integrated website and campaign optimization:

  • Web analysis in real time
  • Marketing and campaign controlling
  • Satisfaction analysis thanks to on-site surveys
  • User experience analysis thanks to mouse tracking
  • Detailed analysis of mobile app usage

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Targeting Suite

With the Targeting Suite, you can quickly customize your website to specifically increase commitment and conversions:

  • Testing & Targeting to optimize your website
  • Smart Messaging for personal customer contact
  • Targeting API for additional requirements
  • Shopping cart recovery with the Remarketing Feed

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Simple and Convenient – Plugins and Integration

We offer special plugins and integration options you can use to easily integrate our products into your shop systems, content management systems or technical integrations. Web controlling has never been this easy before.

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Privacy Seal of Approval

We take our customers' - which also means your customers' - privacy very seriously, which is why we have developed the etracker Privacy Seal of Approval. Show your visitors that you offer 100% privacy when it comes to web analysis by integrating the etracker Privacy Seal of Approval on your website. This helps foster trust among your site visitors by showing taht you take privacy seriously.

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Professional. Simple. Efficient – Inhouse Web Controlling for your Company

Are you looking for a professional solution so you can take charge of your company's web controlling? etracker has just what you need as we offer simple single-server solutions through to a high-availability network of computers aimed at companies with sensitive tracking data who would prefer not to outsource their analysis. And this product has a name: Inhouse Web Controlling.

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If you have any suggestions or questions, then please get in touch with us by calling +49 40 55 56 59 77 or via our contact form. We're happy to advise you.