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etracker Optimiser

Conversion optimisation with A/B testing and personalisation

Test different versions of your website

Set yourself which target group your test should be sent out to.

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icon-pencil The Visual Editor

Using the Visual Editor, you can edit pages without any prior programming knowledge, make changes to texts and pictures and design or remove elements.

Easily replace

visuals yourself.
Change colours of
buttons or fonts
with a click.
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Changing or
formatting texts
is child’s play.

If you wish to make further-reaching changes to a page, testing with jQuery and CSS as well as the execution of split tests are possible.

Optionally, test versions can also be created and started via a REST interface and the results of them can be queried. This way, testing can be effortlessly integrated into your Content Management System.

Direct address for maximum success

Smart Messaging is a particularly simple and effective method for personally addressing visitors to your website.

Customise things yourself,
create your layout
or change your texts.

With the help of our templates, create personalised fade-ins, for example in the form of pop-ups, sliders or message bars.

  • Including exit intent recognition
  • Connections to the most common newsletter systems
  • Video integration
  • And much more …

Create individual user experiences

Your visitors expect more and more personalised content on websites and in apps, not just run-of-the-mill stuff. The connection of the etracker Targeting API to your CMS or shop system makes it possible.

Using current and
previous sessions,
etracker makes triggers
available in realtime.
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Based on the visitor profile, you can export dynamically generated content via your CMS.


Using the interface, you have realtime access to visitor data in order to, for example, implement personalisation according to favourited product categories from previous visits.

Targeted email marketing for maximum efficiency

Use information from the behaviour in the online shop to manage intelligent, and thus individualised, emails.

Example: Abandoned shopping baskets

User places products into the shopping basket, but ends the session without purchasing.


etracker processes eCommerce events and makes them available in realtime.


Your system generates an email which was sent to the user.

produkte-remarketing-view1 produkte-remarketing-view2

Further examples

  • Customers who were interested in non-deliverable items or sizes.
  • Customers who repeatedly search for products without ordering them.
  • Customers who look at a lot of items from a category without putting any of them into the basket.