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The safe, complete solution for operation in your own data center or private cloud

Meets the highest safety standards

For highly sensitive applications, customer and employee portals

Minimal maintenance and fast time-to-market

All-round carefree service for implementation and administration

State-of-the-art big data technology

Extremely fast and highly granular reporting through high-performance in-memory database

Provides actionable insights

Unified analytics, a/b testing and personalization

Seamless integration via various APIs

Controllable directly from your editorial system

Outstanding user experience and usability

Can be operated intuitively by anyone

etracker On-Premise offers you more than data security:

it eases the strain on your IT resources and delights your marketers and editors!

Olaf Brandt
CEO etracker GmbH

etracker On-Premise meets the highest requirements in terms of data privacy, control and security

The On-Premise installation entails all components: code delivery, data collection and application.

Preventing security vulnerabilities

Emergency response based on your own security plans

  • Compliant with EU and German privacy laws and regulations
  • No extra code configuration necessary
  • No extra configuration necessary
  • Officially approved
  • IP anonymization by default
  • Tracking opt-out can be easily integrated
  • No agreement for contract data processing necessary, because no data is transferred

The data is yours and will not be disclosed to third parties or used otherwise

You have full access to all data and can utilize it without limitation for more targeted onsite personalization, marketing automation and programmatic advertising

  • Tool independent
  • Cross-platform

In contrast to partial inhouse solutions etracker On-Premise can be operated completely within your data center

Thanks to the operation on your servers on in your private cloud you are in control of the security measures and prevention mechanisms. You determine the level and meet company policies and compliance regulations without compromising data-based analytics and optimization.

Privacy is a priority for us. Therefore, we rely on etracker On-Premise in order to analyze the visitor behavior in our intranet.

The clear data visualization and the intuitive handling make etracker the perfect tool for analyzing and optimizing Haspa´s intranet.

Minimal maintenance, fast time-to-market

All-round carefree service

You receive turnkey solutions including maintenance and servicing by etracker. Thereby you enjoy the benefits of a cloud solution – low operating expenses (OPEX) and regular updates and further developments – coupled with greater safety and control of an on-premise installation.


The On-Premise edtion corresponds almost exactly with the SaaS Enterprise edition. Thus, switching from On-Premise to SaaS and reversely is possible anytime with full data transfer.

License instead of purchase

License instead of purchase: The pricing model is also aligned with the SaaS model. This avoids high investment costs. The license model is flexible and based on the monthly traffic and usage volume.

etracker On Premise works with a high-performance big data engine on the basis of raw data


Intelligent methods provide actionable insights from complex data.


More than 70 dimensions, that can be combined on the fly, enable better and faster decisions.

  • Highly available and scalable transmission of tracking data
  • Made available in our attractive, responsive web application
  • Secure raw data archive
  • Efficient data interpretation via MapReduce processing
  • Extremely fast reporting thanks to high performance in-memory database
  • Access also to all raw and user profile data
etracker provides valuable insights and facilitates the optimization of websites, apps, shops and portals
  • Flexibly analyze visitors, content, campaigns and conversions
  • Dynamic segmentation based on full data sets
  • Explore individual user journeys and analyze behavior by personas
  • Targeted addressing of visitors on your website
  • Segmented a/b tests without programming
  • Utilize visitor data for marketing automation

Plus additional services

Providing expert assistance and training also for real-time use of the data.

Benefit also from etracker academy´s extensive range of training courses.

Free support via phone and email plus comprehensive support portal.

Thanks to its many interfaces etracker can be seamlessly connected

To your ecosystem´s content, CRM
and marketing apps

etracker On-Premise is a User Data Platform, which functionally expands existing systems and provides it with relevant Data.

Directly from within your system
  • Create variants for tests
  • Personalize content for specific user groups
  • Call up matching reports
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And more …

Easy to learn for any user and used with pleasure

E.g. via the interactive dashboard

Editors and marketers are able to gain the necessary insights by themselves and learn by experimentation.

Advanced analytics functionality and outstanding user expericen go hand in hand at etracker.

  • State-of-the-art reporting interface for desktops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Intuitive handling
  • Preconfigured reports
  • Individual report views can be saved
  • High-speed segment drill-down to analyze the interplay of various dimensions
  • Multiple sorting and filter options
  • Timeframe comparisons
Heye Tode
We will gladly give you a demo of the solution, talk about your individual business needs and provide you with a tailor-made offering.

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