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Data Protection Information

The etracker tracking technology uses a mixture of first party and third party cookies as well as fingerprinting. Cookies are data which is stored in the browser by the etracker server and can be exported. etracker uses cookies, among other things, to track repeat website visitors. The etracker cookies do not save any personal data or data which could make it possible to trace back to a specific person.

To deal with the customers in a transparent and fair way, we recommend letting the website visitors know that a tracking tool is in use on the website.

A suitable placement for this is the data protection declaration or the company information page on your website. According to the regulations of the German Broadcast Media Act (Telemediengesetz), visitors should also be informed about the fact that personal data is recorded for optimisation purposes and about their right of objection to the use of personal data. For this reason, we recommend adding the following or similar wording into the data protection declaration or the company information of the analysed website:

“On this website, data is collected and stored for marketing and optimisation purposes using the technology of etracker GmbH (www.etracker.com). With this data, a usage profile can be created under a pseudonym. Additionally, cookies can be added too. Cookies are small text files which are stored locally in the buffer memory of the page visitor’s Internet browser. The cookies make it possible to re-identify the Internet browser.

The data collected with the etracker technology will not be used without the specially granted permission of the person affected to personally identify the visitor to this website and will not be merged together with the personal data of the bearer of the pseudonym. Permission to collect and store data can be revoked at any time with respect to subsequent services.”

You can find this data protection note in your etracker application under Account Info → Account Settings → Objection option via first party cookie and tracking opt-in.