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Testing & Targeting

Testing & Targeting is a product for optimising websites. Using A/B tests, you can export and evaluate different versions of your website. Using the findings of Testing & Targeting, you can uncover weaknesses and errors in the user guidance and in the design of the content, thus enabling you to create the basics for more targeted optimisation of the usability of the content.

Along with the original page, A/B testing also delivers different versions of the page randomly and records their conversion rate compared to the original. Here, you can set up the variants either as your own alternative pages on a web server (split URL test) or create it in the Visual Editor by varying individual page elements like pictures, copy text, labels or buttons. etracker automatically exports the page variants which you have exported with the Visual Editor using the “DOM Manipulation” technique. You can define a target for each test (e.g. target pages or other etracker key figures like the quantity of products viewed, products placed in the basket or purchased products). Using target achievement, Testing & Targeting measures how successful a page variant is.

With the Testing & Targeting findings, you can optimise the content of your website and, for example, reduce bounce rates. You can inspect central use cases of a page, identify obstacles the visitor cannot get past and possibly provide assistance for this via smart messages.

Testing & Targeting offers various functions to analyse the usability of your website so that you can optimise it. How to use the functions essentially depends on the structure of your website.

This document describes which options for usage Testing & Targeting provides, which prerequisites need to be in place and how you can customise your website to Testing & Targeting if needed. It might not be possible to implement some functions or to adapt them to your website by altering things.