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A/B testing and user experience analysis for comprehensive website optimisation

The Page Optimizer has numerous benefits in store for you

Speedy set-up of A/B tests

Professional function: page creation with JQuery and CSS as well as split tests

Detailed analysis with multiple performance indicators

Evaluation with multiple conversion points

Detailed analysis of changes in attention and interaction

Form analysis down to the field level

Our customer –

"'I'm delighted at how simple it is to use. An A/B test is quickly generated. We learn a lot with each new test, sometimes generating astonishing uplifts'. Patrick Fiekers, Shop Manager,"

Patrick Fiekers, Shop Manager,

Ready for immediate take-off – thanks to the etracker plugins

We make it easy for you: With plugins for CMS and shop systems such as e.g. Magento, OXID, Shopware, xt:Commerce, Typo3, ePages, WordPress, Drupal, FirstSpirit or Demandware, you can integrate the etracker products in no time.

Use our interfaces and connections to third-party systems including e.g. Google AdWords ®, Marin Software, eCircle, optivo and Inxmail, and derive valuable results for your shop management.

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Speedy set-up of A/B tests

You can use Visual Editor to create page editions, or to edit, move or delete image or text elements. The editing program offers you a series of simple functional applications you can use to flexibly optimise your website – achieving all of it without any additional programming effort.

Professional function: page creation with JQuery and CSS as well as split tests

You want to test further editions of your page or modify your website layout or design? To accomplish this, simply use JQuery and adjusted stylesheets. And by the way: variations spanning several pages (e.g. alternative purchase or registration processes) or for which a web server is to run alternative HTML, are very easy to test using split tests.

Detailed analysis with multiple performance indicators

Take a closer look! When it comes to test evaluation, our professional web analysis offers you not only an exact view of individual conversion points and performance indicators; you also learn what it was that influenced the conversion rate.

Evaluation with multiple conversion points

Visitors to your site provide you with lots of information you can use to optimise processes and individual steps within your website. We offer you a comprehensive analysis of the entire conversion process: you are provided with detailed information, from discovery of the product to order completion.

Detailed analysis of change in attention and interaction

Learn more about your visitors' behaviour on your website and use what you've learned to boost your online success. With the aid of mouse tracking, by recording mouse movements, scrolling behaviour, clicks, touch interactions and keyboard entries you obtain detailed information about your users' behaviour. You also learn how changes affect attention and interaction with the website.

Form analysis down to the field level

Minimise the cancellation rate on your website. Thanks to the integrated form field analysis down to the field level, you learn how your visitors interact with your forms, how long they need for an entry, and at which points your visitors encounter difficulties. For instance, display precisely which users interrupted a form input to learn the reasons for this. You are provided with a detailed insight into aggregated usage data and individual visitor sessions; this helps you optimise interaction on your website.

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User experience analysis und A/B-testing. With etracker Page Optimizer.

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